What Services Does Reliable Credit Association Provide?


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Services offered by Reliable Credit Association include direct consumer loans and purchasing retail contracts, according to the Reliable Credit Association website. The company also offers e-services and various payment services.

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Reliable Credit Association offers direct consumer loans to qualified residents of Idaho, Washington, Arizona and Oregon. The interest rate on loans depends on the consumer's credit worthiness, the loan structure risk and applicable laws, explains Reliable Credit Association. Most loans from Reliable Credit Association require security in the form of consumer assets. Reliable Credit Association purchases retail installment contracts that suit individual dealer's financial goals. The company has various programs, including full recourse, limited recourse and nonrecourse. It can also purchase contracts at a premium, at a discount or at par, depending on the good's value.

Reliable Credit Association has an e-service portal that allows users to manage their account online. Clients can check their online history and confirm their account balance. They can also use the secure online portal to make automatic payments and manage their communication preferences. The company has a wide range of payment services that make it easier for consumers to pay off loans, notes Reliable Credit Association. Clients can make payments online or send their money order, check or cashier's check by mail to their branch's office. They can also make one-time debit or automatic clearinghouse payments over the phone. Clients can visit their branch office to make payments in cash, check, cashier's check or money order.

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