What Services Are Provided by Transportation Companies?

Some services provided by transportation companies are project management, dry van transportation, refrigerated freight and intermodal transport. Distribution center-to-store movements and inbound vendor pickups to distribution centers are additional services some companies offer, notes BayandBay.com.

Project management, also called logistics projects, extends beyond a company's need for transportation. Without project management, businesses have to make many arrangements with multiple carriers and vendors to get goods to their destinations on time. Project management eliminates that need by having one company coordinate and transport all the goods in a shipment.

Dry van transportation can handle most basic transit and expedited shipping needs. This includes inbound vendor pickups and center-to-store movements as well as reverse distribution. If a product has a safety recall or is defective upon arrival, reverse distribution ensures a company has a timely way to get the goods returned.

Intermodal transport combines multiple shipping methods such as trucks and freight trains. Using multiple methods of transportation through the same trucking company's contracts saves time and money for the business shipping the goods, states JBHunt.com. Combining cargo shipping or freight trains with truck transportation is frequently necessary to deliver on time, especially to other countries.

Refrigerated freight service offers temperature-controlled options for transporting food, medications and other climate-sensitive freight. Companies provide climate-controlled truck-trailers or intermodal containers to meet a customer's needs and comply with FDA guidelines for storing and transporting perishable food products.