What Services Are Provided at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma?


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The St. Francis Health System hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers a wide range of services to adult patients, including general check-ups and preventative care, pathology and testing, pain management, and numerous specialty treatments for various diseases and aspects of the body. The hospital also maintains a paediatrics department, offers care for newborns and pregnant women, and runs a partner children's hospital.

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Many of the services available at the St. Francis Health System hospital revolve around the diagnosis and direct treatment of common illnesses and ailments, beginning with the Primary Care department, which employs many physicians and nurses to meet with patients and help track medical history. The hospital also has its own radiology, pulmonology and neurology departments to provide targeted and specialized investigations into a patent's health, such as drawing blood to run tests or taking scans of the body to check for internal matters. It also has the functionality to allow patients to stay overnight for extended care as well as offers in-home treatment.

The hospital also has many services for children and teenagers that mirror that of the adult programs, all of which help promote a healthy lifestyle and deal with common issues. St. Francis Health System also operates a separate children's facility to help treat more serious diseases and issues, such as cancer or surgeries. This location also offers psychological treatments for patients as well as their family members.

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