What Are Some Services Provided by Smith Barney Investments?

Some services provided by Morgan Stanley, formerly Smith Barney Investments, are wealth planning, estate planning and wealth transfer, institutional consulting, cash management and lending. Morgan Stanley took control of Smith Barney Investments in 2012, notes NYTimes.com.

Wealth planning is one of Morgan Stanley's most frequently used services. The company advises people in a variety of financial goals, from purchasing a vacation home to transferring a business. Its Financial Advisers assist clients in achieving these goals and adapting to unforeseen circumstances along the way to completion.

Estate planning and wealth transfer teaches clients how to preserve their assets, reduce hereditary taxes for future generations and maximize charitable opportunities. Morgan Stanley employs insurance, trust and philanthropy specialists to assist clients in developing customized wealth transfer plans, notes MorganStanley.com.

Morgan Stanley's Graystone Consulting business creates individual investment services for endowments, foundations and other institutional clients. It also consults with health care entities, corporations and other types of nonprofits to deliver investment plans specifically tailored for any organization.

To assist clients with borrowing and managing cash, Morgan Stanley offers clients a comprehensive list of lending and cash management solutions. These solutions integrate into a client's day-to-day requirements as well as long-term savings and investment plans.