What Are Some Services Provided by Rescare in Georgia?


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Services available in Georgia through the ResCare program include home care for seniors, residential aid for people with disabilities, education and training for job seekers, and a special pharmacy for people with cognitive or developmental impairments, as of 2015. The company also offers job opportunities through its partnership with numerous employers within the state and across the nation.

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One of ResCare's primary services is a program that provides daily assistance for seniors to allow them to continue living at home and not in assisted living facilities. This includes visiting the seniors on a daily or periodic basis to help with tasks such as bathing, taking medications, cleaning and cooking. The company also offers a similar set of services for adults and children with learning disabilities or who otherwise are not able to function independently. Participants in this program can meet with care specialists to complete activities and learn about how to function on their own or move into a group care facility.

The company also works with Georgia residents to gain training and education for different types of skilled labor or similar careers. It maintains training centers to teach about the processes for jobs such as electricians or technicians, and they help some members obtain the appropriate educational certification for jobs. ResCare also connects members with employment opportunities throughout the state thanks to its network of partners who source jobs through the company.

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