What Services Are Provided by Quest Diagnostics?


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Quest Diagnostics provides medical testing services. These services include drug tests, cancer screenings, allergy tests and screenings for bacterial and viral infections. Quest Diagnostics does the laboratory work on behalf of doctors and does not offer testing services to the general public.

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Health care professionals, employee benefits providers and the federal government can order tests through Quest Diagnostics. State laws prohibit private individuals from doing so. Quest Diagnostics recommends that patients who want to undergo specific tests speak to their doctors about ordering the tests.

Once a doctor or other authorized professional orders a test, an appointment is not necessary. Optional appointments are available at select Quest Diagnostics laboratories, but not all locations offer this service. The company maintains an online appointment scheduler, and information about which laboratories accept appointments is available through this service. The addresses and contact numbers for these locations are also available there.

Turnaround time for test results depends on which test is conducted, but generally ranges from 24 hours to several weeks. Results are sent directly to the ordering doctor, and patients must contact their doctors to obtain their test results. In some cases, doctors can enter into agreements with Quest Diagnostics to provide online test results to patients.

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