What Services Are Provided by New England Life Care?


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New England Life Care offers infusion therapies, including chemotherapy, pain management, growth hormone and anti-infective therapies, according to New England Life Care. Other services include catheter care, colony stimulators, parenteral nutrition, IVIG cortisteroids, enteral nutrition and anti-tumor necrosis factor.

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Staff is available to answer questions and concerns 24 hours a day, notes New England Life Care. This allows patients to recover from therapies in the comfort of their home with nursing staff there to answer questions every day of the week.

The company also provides nursing services and a specialty infusion pharmacy, says New England Life Care. As a locally owned and operated facility, it provides services to residents in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. New England Life Care provides injectable and intravenous drugs to patients for chronic and acute diseases, complex medical situations, and for clinical monitoring. The program also includes clinical pharmacists, carefully tracked lab results, drug interaction monitoring and drug-specific lab requirements.

The company offers a nursing program that includes help with physical limitations, medical issues and daily activities, according to New England Life Care. This program includes midline and PICC certified nurses and infusion therapy nurses. All nurses and caregivers go through stringent training. There is support for the patients during this process. The program includes delivery of drugs and medical supplies.

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