What Services Are Provided by National Insurance in India?

In India, National Insurance provides several personal insurance solutions such as automotive insurance, Mediclaim health insurance, home or property insurance, personal injury coverage, family insurance policies, and micro-insurance products for rural subscribers, according to National Insurance. In the Indian financial year of 2015, the company was the largest provider of automotive insurance policies on privately owned cars and motorcycles in India and the second largest issuer of non-life insurance policies.

National Insurance also underwrites personal accidental injury insurance and housing insurance that features add-on policies to cover fire damage and other hazardous events, explains National Insurance. The company also offers a special policy that covers partial or complete disability. The company also provides insurance coverage for machinery and electronic equipment to industries. Industrial risk policies issued by the company cover static and moving machines. Other service offerings from the company include health insurance and microinsurance for urban and rural consumers.

National Insurance issues commercial policies with a specialized product for shopkeepers that covers 11 of the most common risks faced by trading establishments in India. The company is wholly owned by the government-owned General Insurance Corporation of India, states National Insurance. As of 2015, the company is in its 109th year of operation and.has the distinction of being the country's oldest provider of insurance services.