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Nasco allows educators to purchase supplies and teaching aides for a variety of subjects, covering areas such as arts and crafts, math, science, nutrition and sports. It also sells materials and tools for use in fields such as agriculture, health training, Montessori and other types of industrial settings through its website, eNasco.com, as of 2015.

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The primary function of Nasco is to provide educators and teachers with materials for use in a variety of classroom settings at competitive prices and through a single point of sale. Though it is possible to order products over the phone and through a mail-in catalog order form, the company also sells all of its products from its website, eNasco.com. The site organizes its content into categories according to the purpose of the products, such as Education or Health Training. Each section also includes subcategories for different specialties within that field, such as Vocational Agriculture underneath the Agricultural Science section.

Each subsection features a list of resources for educators in that field that includes less plans, product catalogs and suggestions on activities for specific subjects and fields. The rest of the section consists of the actual inventory within that sector, which appear in a list format with a thumbnail of the product, its price and a brief description. Individual product listings include additional details, links to related products and comments from other site users.

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