What Services Are Provided by Intermountain Healthcare Inc.?

What Services Are Provided by Intermountain Healthcare Inc.?

Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and clinics offer a range of services, including brain and spine care, cancer care, heart care and pediatric care, notes IntermountainHealthcare.org. The organization also offers surgical services and women's health services.

Intermountain Healthcare operates 22 hospitals and multiple clinics in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and Idaho, as noted by IntermountainHealthcare.org. There are more than 185 clinics in the Intermountain Medical Group.

The organization's spine and brain Neurosciences Institutes treat conditions of the spine and brain, including brain aneurysm, brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, lumbar fusion and multiple sclerosis. The cancer treatment centers with Intermountain Healthcare treat cancers ranging from bone cancer to brain cancer and lung cancer.

Intermountain Healthcare offers a range of women's health services, including general women's health, women and newborn care, reproductive medicine and more. The hospitals in the system offer labor and delivery facilities and top-notch obstetricians and newborn pediatric specialists.

Intermountain Surgical Services offers a team approach to surgery. The hospitals offer general surgery, bariatric or weight loss surgery and endoscopy, among other procedures.

The website for Intermountain Healthcare offers full details on all of the services offered, along with general health information and research related to the facilities in the group.