What Services Are Provided by the Fireman Insurance Company?

The Fireman's Fund provides insurance services to a wide-ranging list of industries, including manufacturing, professional services and real estate, as indicated on the company's website. Underwriters, risk managers and claims specialists prepare policies for workers' compensation, commercial automobiles, general liability and property damage in addition to other types of coverage.

For manufacturing, the Fireman's Fund provides an assessment of risk to tailor services, and one policy can accommodate multiple locations. For example, a policy can insure assets and cover the cost of recalls for defective products. It can even cover errors in product labelling, if required. Workers' compensation plans are another service offered to manufacturers, notes the company.

Service professionals, including lawyers and accountants, receive tailored services also. ProGARD protects professionals who need errors and omissions liability coverage. The plan is designed for industries that serve clients to protect employees from potential lawsuits. For the real estate industry, the fund offers special pricing for buildings that qualify for Highly Protected Risk (HPR), according to the company website.

Another special product offered is the Multiguard Farm and Ranch Agricover policy that insures dwellings and farm structures, as indicated on the Fireman's Fund website. Specific coverage includes problems with sewers, drains or sump pumps and covers employee tools, keys, locks and electronic data as well.