What Are Some Services Provided by Apria Healthcare?


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Apria Healthcare provides therapies, clinical programs and services, and home medical equipment services, according to Apria Healthcare. It offers therapies such as oxygen therapy, nebulized respiratory medications, sleep management and negative-pressure wound therapy. Its clinical programs include overnight oximetry, education and travel medical equipment.

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Apria Healthcare offers oxygen systems solutions and clinical support services designed to meet each patient’s needs, including gas cylinders and concentrators, states Apria Healthcare. Through the nebulized respiratory medications program, Apria ships prescribed medication to patients directly. Through this program, it also offers a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease program that has three stages: education and assessment, treatment, and monitoring. It uses a combination of targeted education, equipment training and comprehensive follow-up protocols to provide sleep management. The sleep therapy aims at dealing with sleep-disordered breathing and provides patients with sleeping advice to stay in good respiratory health.

Apria clients also get benefits such as home delivery, assessment and set up of medical equipment based on a doctor’s directives, with instructions on how to operate and maintain such equipment, explains Apria Healthcare. Apria delivers equipment such as wheelchairs, canes, crutches, bath aids and hospital beds. It also provides negative-pressure wound therapy equipment to help people with wound recovery.

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