What Services Does Prestige Health Insurance Provide?

What Services Does Prestige Health Insurance Provide?

Prestige Health Choice covers services for members, such as adult well visits, child health check-ups. chiropractic services, and dental care for adults and children, says the company's website. Prestige also covers durable medical equipment costs, inpatient care and maternity services.

Behavioral health services are also covered by Prestige, states the company's website. These services include psychiatric doctor care, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, and for children, case management and health services. Eye care for adults and children is also covered, which includes one eye exam and one pair of glasses per year for adults. Children are eligible for two eye exams and two pairs of glasses each year.

Home health care services for insured individuals 20 years old or younger are covered by Prestige. Occupational and speech therapy, skilled nursing and a home health aide are part of these covered services, notes Prestige. Life-threatening emergency services are also covered. Prestige offers transportation services for nonemergency health services through its transportation vendor.

Pharmacy benefits are available with Prestige, explains the company's website. Up to $25 of over-the-counter medication costs are covered per month, per household, with a $50 annual maximum limit, reports Prestige. Outpatient, family planning, lab and X-ray, and hearing services are covered with Prestige.

Members can use Prestige's website to view plan benefits. Prestige's website also provides information about providers and pharmacies within the company's network. Health resources are also available for members on Prestige's site.