What Are Some Services From Pershing Brokerage?


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Pershing offers investment solutions, marketing and practice management, prime services, retirement services, technology and enterprise data management services to its customers. Pershing also deals with clearing, custody and settlement issues by encouraging dialogue and coming up with the best outcome for all concerned parties. Prime services refer to securities lending or leveraged trade executions, per Investopedia.

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One example of Pershing's investment solutions is wealth management. Corporate executives and philanthropic organizations are the focus of this service, according to Pershing. Executives often face challenges in increasing liquidity and overcoming restrictions on their financial dealings. The company helps them get access to funds, so they can invest in new ventures and diversify their holdings.

Pershing offers traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to its customers. Investors get access to over 20,000 mutual funds encompassing 600 fund families, notes Pershing. Its “mutual fund only” option is ideal for people who want to avoid high fees in their retirement savings account.

Pershing's NetX360 software platform helps commission, retail, institutional and asset management companies manage their businesses. NetX360 improves productivity, offers an improved client experience, comes with data reporting and analytics solutions, and offers an integrated storefront experience. NetX360 also features a mobile platform that lets businesses access client and market data on the go, states Pershing.

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