What Services Does Payentry Offer?

Payentry provides payroll processing, payroll tax management and human resources management. The company also provides payroll processing in the cloud, offering a more technologically advanced solution for small businesses.

The payroll processing service by Payentry is all done electronically. Much of it is done with cloud computing, which allows business owners to access it from any computer or mobile device. It keeps them from having to complete payroll while in the office. Even if they are traveling or doing business from home, they can still get payroll completed. Payroll features include reviewing entries before processing, using online timekeeping systems, and calculating wages, deductions and taxes accurately. It also includes data exports and electronic report delivery.

The payroll tax management service includes features such as quarter-end payroll tax filing and reports, W-2 and 1099 employee forms, tax table updates and year-end filing, and reports for payroll tax. Everything is automated, including the reports, so it just needs to be printed when it comes time to file taxes. This is useful for business owners that do their own taxes or get help from accountants. Features of their human resource management system include processing wage garnishments, unlimited payroll deductible, paid time off, tracking and tracking skills, and education of employees.