What Are Some Services Old Republic Home Protection Offers?


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Old Republic Home Protection offers a wide range of services to homeowners, such as payment compensation in the event of a home disaster or appliance malfunction along with tips on general home maintenance and emergency solutions. Customers are also able to view policy information, contact details and service history through the company's online user portal.

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When a homeowner signs up for a warranty plan with Old Republic Home Protection, she receives protection against and assistance with the cost of replacing or repairing any of the home's major appliances or systems. For example, if the home's plumbing rusts and breaks, the plan helps the owner find an affordable repair technician and subsidises the cost of repairing the leak, replacing the pipes and recovering from any damage it causes. The plans also cover the same actions if an appliance such as a refrigerator or oven breaks.

Plan holders are able to manage each policy with the company online, with each specific policy offering its own set of online tools. The plan holder may review the service history of each plan, which includes the dates, details and costs of any repairs made through the plan. She may also make changes to the plans, such as extending coverage or making a cancellation, and file a claim against any plan.

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