What Services Does the Ohio Department of Taxation Offer?


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The Ohio Department of Taxation, or the ODT, collects taxes from individuals and businesses that earn income within the state of Ohio. The ODT website details how taxpayers can file online as well as download forms and look up state tax laws and requirements.

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The ODT administers and enforces most of the state and local taxes within Ohio. These taxes include the state income tax, sales tax, and various business and excise taxes, according to the ODT website. As of 2015, the collected taxes provide approximately $30 billion in revenue. The state uses this money to fund schools, transportation, Medicaid, law enforcement and other public services. The governor of Ohio is responsible for appointing the tax commissioner, who heads the ODT.

The tax commissioner works with the Ohio Attorney General's Taxation Section, which defends the tax commissioner's administrative rules and decisions before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, according to the Ohio Attorney General website. The Taxation Section also defends the tax commissioner in civil proceedings and other legal challenges. After the Board of Tax Appeals has made a decision, the taxpayer or the tax commissioner can appeal the decision further through the courts.

The Attorney General's office also has a Collection Enforcement Section. This Section handles the collection of taxes due from cases in which the Board of Tax Appeals or courts have upheld the tax commissioner's decision, as the website of the Ohio Attorney General explains.

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