What Services Are Offered by the Whelan Security Company?

What Services Are Offered by the Whelan Security Company?

Whelan Security Company provides professional security services for a variety of organizations such as financial institutions, industries and government establishments. The company provides customized security staffing to major events and offers special services for crisis situations. Whelan also offers patrol and alarm response services.

Whelan’s uniformed security officers receive comprehensive training that helps them prevent unwanted incidents, respond to problems and provide customer service. The company carefully recruits and screens personnel and uses modern technology tools to reinforce operations. It also gives clients a Truth Report, which provides an analysis of service performance supported by real data to encourage transparency in service delivery.

Besides event staffing, Whelan provides consulting and crowd management services that include event planning and providing parking attendants and crowd control professionals to important venues such as sporting events. The involved security personnel attend training programs that are specific to the events to gain knowledge on issues including alcohol management.

Whelan’s special services help clients manage crisis situations by creating emergency and life safety plans together with evacuation programs. The company provides trained personnel and specialists who reinforce the security demands of strikes, labor disagreements and interruptions.

The company’s uniformed officers’ patrol in marked vehicles to boost security and prevent criminal activities in specific areas. They also respond to buildings alarms and notify the local police force when they find evidence of criminal actions. This patrol response service is available for small businesses.