What Are Some of the Services Offered by Ward Trucking Company?

What Are Some of the Services Offered by Ward Trucking Company?

The services offered by Ward Transport include less-than-truckload, truckload, brokerage, warehousing and logistics services. As of 2015, the company also offers direct short-haul and long-haul truckload services within five states, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and New Jersey, states WardTLC.com.

Formerly known as Ward Trucking Corporation, the company was established in 1931. It has since grown to employ more than 1,000 employees and serves approximately 10,000 clients in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states as of 2015, notes the company's website.

Ward Transport and Logistics Corp. provides direct less-than-truckload service within portions of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with 19 service centers in 12 states. These include centers in California, Illinois, Maryland and New York, notes Bloomberg.com.

The company's less-than-truckload services also extend to the upper Northeast, Southeast, Southern, and South Central regions of the United States through partnerships with other trucking companies. These trucking partner companies include AMA Transportation, Wilson Trucking, Southwestern Motor Transport, Dependable Highway Express and Speedy Transport, as of 2015.

The base of operations for Ward Logistics warehousing and logistic operations is located in its multiple warehouse facilities in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Ward claims to have the lowest claim rates of any carriers in the Northeast, which is an achievement it attributes to its strong customer service, notes WardTLC.com.