What Are Some Services Offered by TD Canada Trust EasyLine?

TD Canada Trust EasyLine offers an automated telephone service that allows account holders to pay bills, confirm account balances, transfer funds between accounts, check bill payment history and receive interim statements by fax, as of 2016. The service also connects callers with EasyLine banking specialists who offer personalized assistance.

EasyLine allows callers to access up to four registered TD Canada Trust accounts, including checking, savings, credit card and line of credit accounts. Account holders can use the service to pay bills to companies and postdate payments. Callers can also transfer funds between their own accounts and send money to other TD Canada Trust account holders. In addition, callers can receive TD Mutual Fund prices and returns.

Customers can speak to EasyLine banking specialists to open new checking and saving accounts, order checks, invest in guaranteed investment certificates and request stop payments. Callers can also request credit card advances and apply for loans and mortgages.

To access EasyLine, callers need to enter their TD Access Card numbers and private PhoneCodes. Interactive voice prompts guide callers to the automated service, and personalized service is available in French and English.

TD Canada Trust EasyLine is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The calls are toll-free from anywhere in Canada and the United States.