What Services Are Offered by Schertz Bank?


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Some of the services that Schertz Bank offers include online banking, bill pay, mobile banking, telephone banking and safe deposit box rentals. Other services include electronic funds transfer, debit cards, cashier's checks, money orders and night deposit bags.

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Schertz Bank offers online banking services at no cost allowing the client to pay his bills easily and conveniently. Schertz Bank also provides free mobile banking services. The client receives eight free telephone banking services every month and additional telephone banking calls that cost about 50 cents per call, as of 2015. The 24-hour freedom banking number is 866-945-7444 and requires a PIN code.

Schertz Bank also rents out safe deposit boxes; the price depends on the size of the box. The sizes of the boxes range between 3 by 5 by 21 inches and 10 by 10 by 21 inches. The price to rent these boxes ranges between $25 and $100 per year.

Schertz Bank offers both personal and business debit cards. Clients can purchase cashier's checks for about $5 per check. The night deposit bags cost between $10 to $30 each, depending on whether they are locked night deposit bags or zipper bags. A night deposit key costs about $5.

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