What Are Some Services Offered by RGIS?


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RGIS offers a number of services to retailers, including on-site inventory, space optimization, store remodels and shrink reduction. In addition, the organization offers services including merchandising, inventory management solutions and customized solutions based on customer needs.

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RGIS also works with health care companies by offering services such as pharmacy, clinical supply and fixed asset inventories. The organization also offers medical device inventory, compliance audits and remote inventory solutions. Some of the benefits of using RGIS inventory services include financial benefits thanks to more accurate inventory and the elimination of overstocks. In addition, these services help to eliminate the amount of medication that expires.

RGIS also offers a number of other services for businesses including doing wall-to-wall inventory and maintenance, repair and operations inventory. Other types of inventory solutions available from RGIS include counts of finished goods, works-in-process and fixed assets. In addition, the company offers warehouse management inventory and other types of inventory. RGIS also offers data collection services to businesses.

Some of the retailer industries that use RGIS inventory services include apparel, shoes, automotive dealers, convenience stores and electronics stores. In addition, dollar stores, department stores, grocery stores and home improvement stores utilize RGIS services. Health care companies that utilize RGIS inventory services include hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical device and supply organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

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