What Are Some Services Offered by Planet Earth Travel Insurance?


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Planet Earth Travel Insurance offers single-trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance and winter sports insurance. Planet Earth offers optional coverage extensions, including golf, wedding and business coverage. Policyholders can purchase sports and activities extensions, coverage for gadgets and cruises, and catastrophic coverage. Policyholders can add excess waivers onto their policies as well, explains Planet Earth.

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Planet Earth's single-trip travel insurance covers a policyholder for the duration of one trip. The traveler must opt to begin this coverage on the day he embarks on his trip and end coverage on the day he arrives home, explains Planet Earth.

With annual multi-trip insurance, Planet Earth covers a policyholder for an unlimited number of trips in a 12-month period. Planet Earth does not cover trips in which a policyholder spends more than 183 days abroad, according to the insurance company. A policyholder selects a coverage duration that covers the number of days in his longest planned trip. Planet Earth offers this coverage in durations of 45, 62 and 91 days for a single trip.

By paying an extra premium, a policyholder can obtain winter sports insurance, which provides coverage for certain activities, such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, reports Planet Earth. This policy also provides coverage for a policyholder's ski equipment. Planet Earth does not cover a policyholder's expenses when he engages in dangerous activities, including ski racing, ice hockey and paraskiing.

When a policyholder obtains travel insurance from Planet Earth, he selects the number of individuals in his travel party. Planet Earth offers coverage for single individuals, couples and families. The insurer also offers policies for individuals traveling together who do not fit into one of these categories.

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