What Services Are Offered at Palmetto Health's Richland Hospital?


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Palmetto Health Richland offers both primary and specialty services in the fields of behavioral care, cardiology, obstetrics and oncology. Services are also available in orthopedics, neonatology, robotic assisted surgery and trauma. The research branch stays on top of developments in the medical and pharmaceutical world to provide better treatments.

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The Palmetto Health Richland Trauma Center is a Level I trauma center that provides a team of specialty surgeons, nurses, therapists, social workers and emergency medicine specialists to treat those suffering from traumatic injuries. The center focuses on all stages of trauma, including prevention and rehabilitation. Many other hospitals in South Carolina send critically injured patients to the Palmetto Health Richland Trauma Center.

Doctors and nurses provide orthopedic services ranging from slipped discs to high-level trauma. Surgery services at Palmetto Health Richland, and the neighboring Palmetto buildings, range from general surgery to more specialized pediatric, neurological, thoracic, urologic and orthopedic surgeries. As of 2015, most of Palmetto Health's surgeries are outpatient surgeries.

Emergency patient transfer is a 24/7 service that provides emergency transports from other hospitals to Palmetto Health Richland through Palmetto Health's Mobile Coronary Care Unit. The Palmetto website provides contact information for patient transfers. The transfer process also involves collecting patient information and paging physicians on-call.

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