What Are Some Services Offered by Mercury Finance Company?


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Services available from the Mercury Financial Corporation include assistance in finding and selecting the appropriate home loan for customers interested in purchasing a new home. The company offers checklists and downloadable forms on its site in addition to connecting applicants with a loan specialist to guide them through the application, qualification and selection processes.

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Mercury Financial Corporation specializes in personal mortgages, a type of home loan wherein the financial institution loans buyers money on a fixed term repayment plan using the home itself as collateral. This means that if the buyer fails to meet his repayment obligations, lending bank may take ownership of the home. Due to the numerous financial implications of the process, the company employs a team of specialists that work with each applicant to ensure the selection of the appropriate loan with the best terms for their financial situation.

The process begins with the prospective borrower filling out a loan application form, which checks his financial standing and the estimated value of the home he wishes to buy. If the applicant qualifies for a loan, the Mercury Financial Corporation agent works with him to review all available options, explain the interest rates and repayment terms, and file the necessary paperwork. The company makes all the appropriate documents accessible on its site, including an application checklist that outlines all the documents needed to qualify.

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