What Are Some of the Services Offered by Lowery's Meat and Grocery?


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Lowery's Meat and Grocery is a butcher's shop that also carries staple grocery items such as potatoes and milk. Sample products include seafood, soul food, holiday specials, smoked meats and most proteins. The company's website, LowerysMeatandGrocery.com, includes a department listing, a weekly ad, directions to the store and information on bulk ordering.

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As of 2015, Lowery's Meat and Grocery's seafood selections include tilapia fillets, scallops, catfish nuggets, crab sticks and cooked shrimp. Many of the items come in large containers, with a 20-pound box of king crab being the largest. Fish are available in fillet or whole forms. The company's soul food offerings include smoked ham hocks, pig feet, hog maws, pig ears and smoked pork neck bones. The smallest of these comes in a five-pound container, while the rest weigh 10 pounds.

Other proteins available at Lowery's include lunch meat, beef, pork, chicken and bacon. Each is available in a number of different cuts, with large containers of up to 40 pounds offered. Even larger orders are accommodated by Lowery's meat bundle program, which involves a pre-selected assortment of different meats weighing up to 150 pounds in a single transaction. These packages must be ordered a day in advance via telephone.

The company's smoked meats include ring bologna and meat sticks and are available in two flavors: Hickory-Smoked and Old World Flavor. Both are guaranteed 100 percent fresh and made in the store.

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