What Are Some Services Offered by the Local IRS Office in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Services that the Cincinnati IRS office provides include help with account inquiries, alien clearances, payment arrangements and multilingual assistance, according to the IRS in 2015. Other services include basic tax law help from January to April, finding solutions to tax issues, and help with various tax forms.

Account inquiries that the Cincinnati office helps with include such tasks as assisting with letters, notices and levies on paychecks and bank accounts, explains the IRS. The office can also accept payments via check and money order. Taxpayers can pick up tax forms, depending on availability. The office does not help prepare tax returns, but it does refers customers to free online tax services and community volunteer groups.

The IRS advises taxpayers to use the IRS website, IRS.gov, for many services. That way, they can avoid waiting in line. They should go to the Cincinnati office only if they feel a tax issue needs an in-person meeting for it to be resolved. Services that the IRS recommends using online include setting up payment plans, making payments, checking on refunds, getting tax return transcripts, and searching frequently asked questions for answers. Taxpayers do not need to make an appointment to see a representative at the Cincinnati office.