What Services Are Offered at Kirby Vacuum Repair Shops?


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Officially partnered Kirby vacuum repair shops offer a range of repair services, ranging from general maintenance and repairs to the full process included in the company's Vacuum Rebuild Program. In this program, a technician completely disassembles the vacuum and rebuilds it so it functions as if it were brand new.

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Kirby's Vacuum Rebuild Program is a service offered to any owners of a Kirby vacuum that is covered under a product warranty. To activate a warranty, the vacuum owner must fill out the included warranty verification card included with the unit at the time of purchase or contact the company's warranty department to file a warranty application over the phone.

When an owner chooses to participate in the program, she contacts the Rebuild Department to begin the process, which includes providing the company with the model of the vacuum and a description of its condition. The owner then sends the vacuum off to a repair shop where a technician begins the process of fully rebuilding the unit. The technician starts by taking the vacuum apart completely and inspecting each part for wear or damage. Once disassembled, the technician completely cleans the internal components, replaces any needed parts and polishes the metal surfaces to give it a new appearance, then reassembles the unit and returns it to the owner.

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