What Services Are Offered by Kaiser Permanente?


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Kaiser Permanente advertises affordable health care plans for individuals and families. It offers Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Medicare and health coverage through employers. The company claims to work with families and communities to offer the best possible health coverage at lower costs. It also places an emphasis on preventive care and wellness programs to keep people healthy, advertises Kaiser Permanente.

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Kaiser Permanente offers online, phone, email and in-person communication for its customers. Customers can choose their doctor, receive care in different languages, call nurses for advice 24/7 and visit specialists quickly, explains Kaiser Permanente.

Customers can view a list of available Kaiser Permanente plans, apply online and check if they qualify for government financial assistance through the website. There are specific enrollment periods each year, but enrollment is possible outside of those periods if a triggering event takes place, such as getting married or having a baby, states Kaiser Permanente.

The company also offers customers a mobile app for Apple and Android phones. This app allows customers access to a list of upcoming doctor's appointments. Customers can also send messages to their doctors' offices, view detailed prescription information, and see their latest lab test results through the app, according to Kaiser Permanente.

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