What Are Some Services Offered by Jamaican National Bank?


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Some of the services available through Jamaican National Bank include mortgage services, the ability to open a savings account, which carries a money transfer card for use at ATMs, and various online banking tools, as of 2015. The bank also offers customers access to special discounts at various local merchants and businesses.

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The primary services available through Jamaican National Bank revolve around storing money in a savings account, of which the bank offers several varieties with different benefits and requirements. In addition to its basic savings accounts for adults, it also offers special accounts for seniors and children, which feature lower requirements to open but offer lower interest rates. Every account through the bank provides the customer with access to a special card, which allows for the withdrawal of funds from ATMs and participating merchants. Customers are also able to view account details online through the bank's website, as well as transfer money between accounts and make payments.

The bank also offers several loan services, such as for personal use or as part of a mortgage agreement. Each loan carries its own terms and interest rates, with the option to make payments online or through automatic account deductions. Customers are also able to obtain special discounts and promotional prices at various Jamaican businesses by earning rewards points on qualifying actions.

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