What Are Some Services Offered by Harbor Funds?


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Harbor Funds offers investment fund management services, according to the company's website. It offers low costs and fees for participation in company-managed funds, and provides oversight of its investment funds by named fund officers and a board of trustees.

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Harbor Funds offers participation in its investment accounts in exchange for a fee. For bond funds, participants pay approximately .05 percent per year in management and expense fees, as of 2015. Many Harbor bond funds require a minimum $1,000 investment by the participant, reports U.S. News and World Report Money.

Harbor Funds also offers an equity security investment option that allows investors the opportunity to invest in funds that trade common stocks, security futures, initial public offerings and secondary public offerings, says the Security and Exchange Commission. The company offers a variety of share classes with varying rights and privileges.

Harbor-managed funds come with varying minimum investment requirements, explains the Security and Exchange Commission. Harbor Funds may change minimum investment requirements over time, and administration and transfer fees vary based on the share class of the investment. Additionally, it restricts sales of certain share classes to retirement funds and financial intermediaries. The company maintains a flexible investment and management policy so it can react appropriately to unexpected current events and market upsets, according to Harbor Funds.

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