What Are Some Services Offered by Farmington Bank?

What Are Some Services Offered by Farmington Bank?

Farmington Bank lists online banking, online bill pay and person-to-person payments as some of the services it offers on its website. The bank also offers a mobile banking app for iPads and smartphones.

Farmington Bank’s online banking is a free service that account holders can use to view their statements and transfer funds. The bank’s online bill pay service lets account holders schedule recurring payments and is only available to account holders who have enrolled for online banking.

Account holders can send money to anyone who has a U.S. bank account using the person-to-person payment service. To use this service, account holders need to enroll in the bank’s online banking and online bill pay services and have a checking account with the bank. Farmington Bank offers this service through the Popmoney network.

The Farmington Bank Mobile App is available for iPads, iPhones and Android phones. This app lets account holders view their balances, transfer funds and pay bills. Account holders can use the app to find a Farmington Bank branch or an ATM. The app can also turn debit cards on and off using the Debit Card On/Off Switch.

Farmington Bank also provides telebanking services through its automated system. Account holders can check their balances, deposits and withdrawals through this service.