What Services Are Offered by Equifax?


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Equifax offers several products and services that monitor credit scores, provide credit reports, protect customers against ID theft and feature the Fair Isaac Corporation, or FICO, score, according to the official Equifax website. There are separate services offered to individuals, businesses and government offices.

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Equifax provides a suite of online tools called Equifax Complete that monitors a customer's credit score while providing ID theft insurance and assistance, reports the company. Specialized services, such as the Complete Report and the Equifax Credit Report and Score, are available for customers who wish to focus solely on monitoring credit scores and credit reports.

The Equifax Complete Premier Plan is offered to individuals, while the Equifax Complete Family Plan can accommodate two adults and up to four children, according to the company. Customers who purchase this plan are able to view their Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports and credit scores once a year. The client also receives daily credit file monitoring and is alerted when important credit file changes occurs. If a customer's Social Security number is found on suspicious Internet trading websites, an alert is sent as well. Another benefit offered, as of 2015, is live phone support and $1 million in identification theft insurance.

The Complete Report pulls a customer's credit scores and report from the three credit bureaus once, notes the company. The Equifax Credit Report and Score product is available for those who are interested in viewing just the score based the Equifax Credit Score model.

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