What Are Some Services Offered by Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia?

What Are Some Services Offered by Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia?

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia offers bariatric surgery, heart and vascular care, cancer care, digestive health and neurology services. The hospital also specializes in liver disease and transplantation, orthopedics, women’s health and mental health. In addition, the hospital provides an accredited Level I Regional Trauma Center.

Einstein Medical Center offers bariatric surgeries and weight loss programs. The hospital’s bariatric center provides free information sessions, pre-surgery consultation and evaluation, minimally invasive treatment procedures and after-care programs. The bariatric surgeons perform minimally invasive gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries that can relieve health conditions associated with obesity.

The hospital provides digestive disease diagnosis and treatment procedures for various gastrointestinal digestive conditions, including celiac disease, bile duct diseases, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease and incontinence. The digestive care specialists use advanced treatment procedures, such as endoscopic ultrasound, acid reflux measurement, laparoscopic colon surgery and intestinal resection.

The hospital’s cancer care facility provides treatments for breast, colorectal, lung, prostate and liver cancers, as well as brain tumors and leukemia. It also offers physician referrals and follow-ups, genetic counseling, and support and guidance programs.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia is a tertiary care teaching hospital and is a part of the Einstein Healthcare Network. The medical center has one of the busiest emergency rooms in Philadelphia and also offers several residency and fellowship programs.