What Services Are Offered by Credit Karma?


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Credit Karma offers free credit reports without hidden charges, according to its website. The site provides a method for tracking credit scores and allows individuals to access competitive offers from trusted credit card providers.

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What Services Are Offered by Credit Karma?
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Credit Karma derives its name from the concept of karma, which means the actions of people affect their future and lead to favorable or unfavorable outcomes, says its website. A person's credit score embodies the idea of karma, as it reflects the individual's past financial behavior through his credit history. Credit Karma aims to keep people properly informed of their credit information and aware of special offers that fit their credit standing.

Credit Karma shares free credit reports free of charge without the need to obtain credit card information from cardholders, notes its website. People can monitor their credit files regularly, and they can view personalized offers from Credit Karma's advertisers. Users have the choice to take the offers or not.

People who sign up for Credit Karma's services can access exclusive savings based on their credit scores, read important credit and finance information, and do research on the website to determine the best interest rates for their needs, states the website. Credit Karma features free calculators, simulators and interactive tools for tracking credit information from one source. Cardholders can also access credit score comparisons and credit advice to manage their debt effectively.

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