What Are Some Services Offered by Creamery Tire in Pennsylvania?


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Services offered by Creamery Tire in Pennsylvania include tire sales, tire repair and tire maintenance, as of May 2015. Creamery Tire works with a wide assortment of tires and vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, minivans and sport-utility vehicles.

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Tire services at Creamery include maintenance such as tire rotation, balance and alignment. Staffers also work with customers to educate them on tire sidewall markings, selecting the proper tires for a vehicle and the best time to buy tires. When staffers install new tires, they follow the inflation guidelines recommended by the tire manufacturer. Proper tire inflation is critical for proper tread movement, traction, gas economy and load carrying.

Computerized wheel balancing takes about 15 minutes and consists of pinpointing differences in weight inside a tire and wheel assembly. Tire repair also takes about 15 minutes. Technicians evaluate the puncture size of a tire; the Rubber Manufacturer?s Association says tires can be repaired if the puncture is 1/4 inch or smaller and on the tread. Technicians use a plug and patch to inject new life into the tire. Staffers can also help with loosely attached tires and air loss due to valve stem damage. Tire rotation takes 15 minutes and helps spread tire wear more evenly.

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