What Services Are Offered by the Council of Independent Colleges?


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The Council of Independent Colleges, of CIC, offers a wide range of leadership seminars, online courses and student debt management courses. They also offer many subsidiary functions typical to college life, such as library access and limited participation in interlibrary loan networks.

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Leadership seminars are the stock in trade of the CIC. These seminars are held either as long-form classes, or more commonly, as weekend events. They attempt to instill in students the values of decision-making and focus on the task at hand. They are geared toward preparing students for life in the corporate world where decisiveness can be paramount.

Online courses come in a variety of sizes and cover a wide range of topics. From literature to economics, online courses allow students with limited schedules, or for whom accessibility is a limitation, to attend college courses. They provide an outlet for engagement and learning to anyone with Internet access.

Debt assistance is rendered to CIC students and parents in many ways. First and foremost, it is rendered through consulting wherein students are advised on what debt will look like in their lives depending on their commitments to financial packages. The CIC office provides access to many secondary debt-management resources which can be of help to these students.

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