What Are Some Services Offered by Connect for Health Colorado?

What Are Some Services Offered by Connect for Health Colorado?

Some of the services offered by Connect for Health Colorado include financial assistance, help from certified brokers, insurance comparison tools and assistance in buying a health plan. Dental and vision insurance plans can be purchased through this company all year round, notes Connect for Health Colorado.

Connect for Health is a marketplace that was established in October 2013. It offers services aimed at helping individuals, families and small organizations apply for federal financial assistance at reduced rates, notes Connect for Health Colorado.

This company has a savings calculator on its website that helps users determine the amount of money they can save with regards to health insurance. The calculator has a simple interface making it ideal for just about anyone.

The company gives users an opportunity to learn more about financial assistance programs within their regions. Users can use a checklist on the company's website to determine if they qualify for financial help before applying for any program.

Users wishing to compare plans available in their area before making a decision can do so on this company's website. The company allows users to buy new health insurance plans regardless of pre-existing conditions. Free and personal help from certified brokers and health coverage guides are also among the services offered by the organization.