What Services Are Offered by the Boeing Employee Credit Union?

What Services Are Offered by the Boeing Employee Credit Union?

The Boeing Employee Credit Union offers checking and savings accounts, loans, financial planning and investment services for individuals and businesses. These services are only available to eligible members of the credit union; they are not offered to the general public.

Membership in the Boeing Employee Credit Union is available to residents of Washington state, Boeing employees and their families, and businesses located in Washington. The credit union defines anyone who lives, works, attends school or belongs to a religious community in Washington as a resident.

In addition to checking and savings accounts, Boeing Employee Credit Union offers credit cards, special bank accounts for children and teenagers, retirement accounts and money market accounts as individual banking products. Loans are available for homes, cars, boats, sports vehicles and personal lines of credit.

The credit union also offers trust services as part of its investment department. These services include administration, estate settlement, help for attorneys and planning for foundations and endowments.

Boeing Employee Credit Union's small business services include checking accounts, loans, credit cards and money management. It offers all of these products for larger businesses as well. These commercial banking products are tailored for larger businesses. The commercial banking department also provides access to a team of relationship managers who specialize in large commercial accounts.