What Services Are Offered by the Better Business Bureau of California?


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The Better Business Bureau of California has various services such as BBB Business Reviews, File a Complaint, BBB AUTO LINE, BBB Military Line, Dispute Resolution, BBB EU Safe Harbor and Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. These services benefit both businesses and consumers. There are seven locations in California.

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The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1921 to monitor growing discord in how businesses conducted themselves and their relationships with their consumers. The Better Business Bureau assists businesses with making sure they are behaving ethically toward the consumers and also gives general developmental help to businesses. The businesses that the Better Business Bureau accredits have to meet certain standards that demonstrate the business has sound business practices. The businesses can also consult with the bureau to ensure their advertisements are not deceitful.

Consumers can turn to the Better Business Bureau when trying to find trustworthy businesses to do work with. The bureau also creates a platform for any complaints from the consumer and mediates differences between consumers and businesses. The consumer can also look to other consumers for their opinion before committing to a company. The bureau evaluates charities as well to ensure the public is not being scammed, so the charities are held to a high operating standard.

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