What Services Are Offered by Batteries Expert?


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Batteries Expert specializes in the sale of various types of batteries, ranging from units for handheld electronics to those for different types of vehicles, including cars and snowmobiles. It also sells specialty batteries for devices such as hearing aids, battery charging stations for power tools and alternate energy generations devices, such as solar panels and wind generators.

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The majority of the products Batteries Expert sells are batteries, with product categories representing the size of the battery rather than its specific usage. Users can also access a battery search tool that features images of common machines, vehicles and equipment for which the company sells compatible battery units. Other items available through the retailer include the tools and components for installing its batteries, along with some products and equipment that operate on 12 volt batteries or through propane combustion.

Batteries Expert is a franchise business, which means that each location has a different owner and thus may carry different quantities and types of inventory. Entries for a specific product on the company's site, BatteriesExpert.com, offer basic details such as the number of volts a battery produces or the model number of an inverter, and provide a search box to locate the nearest retail location to inquire about purchasing options and availability. The site also offers some instructional resources for the installation or maintenance of some of its products, under the Enlightening Advice section.

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