What Services Are Offered by Allegheny General Hospital?

What Services Are Offered by Allegheny General Hospital?

Services offered by Allegheny General Hospital include access to the Cancer Institute and clinical trials, pediatrics and an aeromedical service. Allegheny General Hospital offers a number of outpatient care services including aquatic therapy, diabetes care and physical therapy.

Allegheny General Hospital supplements its clinical care facilities with a range of patient care services designed to make stays more comfortable and ease the transition between home and hospital. Volunteers circulate used books and magazines, deliver mail, escort and visit patients. Telephones and televisions are available for use during hospital stays.

Discharge planning usually begins within 24 hours of admission, to ensure patients and family members are adequately prepared for transfers and ongoing care if required. The hospital can offer health equipment, supplies and medical services within the home.

Allegheny General Hospital has an Account Assistance Program that is in place to help patients and family members that lack the means to pay a full medical bill. During the admissions process, it is possible to register for financial assistance and gain access to financial counselors, who explain the application process and potential payment options.

In addition to general hospital services, patients may receive services from physicians, radiologists and cardiologists. Patients requiring surgery will receive services from anesthesiologists and surgeons.

Allegheny General Hospital is a teaching hospital that is equipped to deal with Level 1 adult trauma emergencies. The hospital has more than 700 beds, daily food selections provided by the Nutrition Services Department and a cafeteria. Vending machines are located on most floors.