What Are Some Services That Offer Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses?


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Some services that offer real estate pre-licensing courses include community colleges, state universities and private vocational schools, according to CA.gov. Real estate pre-licensing courses cover several crucial aspects of real estate, including finances, real estate law and principles such as business management, closing a sale, valuing a property and more, states Kapre.com. After studying these topics in real estate courses, prospective agents sit for a written test with the goal of passing and receiving a real estate license.

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Most community colleges will provide courses to aid in pursuing a real estate career. These classes include those necessary for acquiring a real estate broker license as well as ones required for obtaining an Associate of Arts Real Estate degree.

Real estate law offers guidance to inform prospective agents and protect them from legal harm when issues arise. Courses in this topic area include real estate law, contracts and contract clauses, disclosure guidelines and principles, agency policies and concepts, and more.

Real estate agents take either online or in-person courses to prepare for the license exam. Students take 135 hours of preparatory classes, dividing their time equally studying all three main topics. In addition to these basic skills, some states have additional educational demands for aspiring agents.

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