What Services Does OB10 Offer?

What Services Does OB10 Offer?

OB10, known as Tungsten Network after its acquisition by Tungsten in 2013, provides e-invoicing and online payment services for B2B clients. Using OB10, clients can manage and send invoices, analyze spending, get the status of invoices, enroll suppliers, and stay updated on tax and payment issues.

The services provided by OB10 consist of two core offerings, including Tungsten Network and Tungsten Analytics. Tungsten Network provides electronic invoicing for connected supply chains, while Tungsten Analytics provides real-time information for better buying decisions. Tungsten Bank’s integration with these two OB10 services provides supply chain finance to support clients' business growth.

Electronic invoicing is the exchange of electronic invoice data from the supplier's computer to its customer's computer with no additional need for paper documentation. The electronic invoice acts as the VAT, tax and accounting document, and the request for payment.

With electronic invoicing from Tungsten, suppliers can generate invoice files from their accounting systems using their systems' existing data format. Once they join Tungsten, suppliers can send invoices to multiple customers on the network without having to make any further buyer-specific modifications.

In addition to these core offerings, Tungsten also offers advisory and consulting services related to tax, VAT and accounting matters.