What Services Does Oasis Legal Finance Offer?


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Oasis Legal Finance provides funding to plaintiffs in legal cases involving possible future settlements of personal injury cases, such as accident, injury, wrongful death and workplace negligence cases, according to OasisLegal.com. The company usually limits funds to between 10 to 15 percent of the projected value of a case.

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Plaintiffs fill out an application, and staffers at Oasis Legal Finance review the case, notes the company's website. If approved, plaintiffs normally receive money within two business days of the application. Staffers at Oasis Legal Finance talk to the applicant's attorney to find out more details of a case. The money people receive goes to pay short-term bills that plaintiffs may not be able to pay due to an injury.

The strategy behind Oasis Legal Finance revolves around getting a larger settlement than a defendant initially offers, says the website's FAQ section. When plaintiffs need money sooner, they may instruct an attorney to settle the case for a lower amount. Oasis Legal Funding provides cash so a plaintiff may wait longer in litigation to get a bigger settlement check.

Oasis Legal Finance takes the risk for paying clients, according to the website's FAQs. The company receives payment when a case settles. If the plaintiff loses the case, the client does not owe the company any money.

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