What Services Does the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Offer?


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The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs offers a wide range of services to consumers of commercial products within the state, including conflict resolution, investigation of businesses practices and the ability to verify licenses for business and charities. It also allows certain businesses to register for licensing through different state boards and committees.

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One of the primary services available though the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is the ability to file complaints against companies for matters such as dishonest practices, failure to provide goods or participation in illegal activity. The Division of Consumer Affairs allows consumers to file complaints electronically for situations involving businesses such as health clubs, car sales companies, home improvement contractors or charitable organizations, as well as via a print form also accessible on the organization's website. It also allows consumers to research private companies to find out the status of its state licensing, or investigate the legal standings of a nonprofit or charity.

The Division of Consumer Affairs also works with businesses to facilitate the licensing procedure for different industries with official government bodies, with many offering an online application available as downloadable PDFs through the division's site. Businesses can also verify the validity of a license the division oversees, track the status of a licensing application or conduct an online license renewal, sometimes in conjunction with other governmental agencies and websites.

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