What Services Does Newport Audiology Offer?


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The Newport Audiology Center, which is part of the Connect Hearing family of clinics as of 2015, offers several services to help patients diagnose and treat hearing-related ailments. This includes determining the causes of hearing loss, monitoring the progression of hearing and recommending hearing aids when necessary. It also offers free hearing tests to new patients to diagnose potential issues.

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Connect Hearing allows new patients to schedule free hearing tests with one of its audiology specialists. The test consists of a full evaluation of the patient's ability to detect noises and sounds across multiple frequencies. The test gives the specialist an understanding of the patient's hearing strength and allows her to compare it to the average abilities of people within the patient's age rage to identify any hearing loss. If the patient does have hearing loss, she may schedule a follow-up appointment with a doctor to further examine her condition and discuss potential treatment options.

The center helps patients understand the nature of hearing loss and make changes to reduce damage, such as avoiding occupational hazards or recreational causes. If necessary, the clinic also advises patients on how to choose hearing aids, including testing out different styles and explaining the associated costs for each model. Patients may also take home certain models to try for free over an extended period before placing purchases through the clinic, according to product availability and other restrictions.

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