What Services Does Netchex Offer?


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Netchex offers payroll and tax management, human resource management, benefits administration and netguide products and services, as it advertises on its site. It also offers Nethire ATS reporting, time and attendance services to companies.

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With its payroll and tax service, Netchex states that it enables companies to focus on their goals by ensuring employees are paid on time, regardless of the number of employees. It does this through direct pay, Netpay and paycards. Netchex ensures that a company is tax compliant by debiting and paying taxes and reporting tax-related data on a company’s behalf. It does electronic remittance and reporting, quarterly tax statements, W2 preview services, tax filing, credit processing, ARRA subsidies, and reports regarding federal new hire taxes.

Netchex manages employee benefits for companies by making it easy to deal with integrated 401(k) solutions, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act administration and health insurance management, as the company advertises. It puts together traditional benefits into manageable solutions, such as Netbenfits, Netcobra and Netbroker.

With its time and attendance solutions, Netchex claims to help companies get the best out of their employees. It does quick scheduling and labor cost analyses that help companies come up with rules based on their needs. It provides alerts for unscheduled work and self-service portals that enable viewing of schedules. Netchex provides reporting services for all the services it provides to companies, making it easy for companies to access data, even in real time.

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