What Services Does the Nestle NesPAY Website Offer?

The Nestle NesPAY website provides online access to payroll account information to Nestle employees in the United States. NesPAY is an electronic payroll service that is operated by Equifax Workforce Solutions, as noted by PaystubNTaxes.com.

Nestle has many company sites worldwide. However, U.S. employees are paid their wages through the NesPAY electronic payroll service that offers paperless pay. Employee checks are deposited directly into bank accounts with this service, and the worker does not receive paper pay stubs.

If an employee needs to look at pay stub statements, change account information or make a printout of pertinent information, then he needs to visit the Talx.com website. At this site, a worker can log in by entering his employer code and employee I.D. number, clicking on the "Continue" button and then entering a PIN. Employees can get IDs and PINs from the employer. First-time users of this site need to answer six security questions. The website has a tutorial for the login procedure, which is accessed by clicking on the link on the right side of the webpage that states "More Info on Secure Enrollment," notes Talx.com.

Employees can access and keep track of all pay stub information in one place and also have the ability to make changes to W-4 forms, as noted by Talx.com. With this type of electronic payroll service, employees can designate different accounts for direct deposits.