What Services Does Nationwide Debt Direct Offer?


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Nationwide Debt Direct offers strategies to satisfy and eliminate debt. It works with creditors and collection agencies to negotiate a smaller amount owed, making payments more manageable for the consumer and providing an alternative to declaring bankruptcy, says its website.

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Nationwide Debt Direct provides help to people experiencing general financial hardships. Typically, clients are those who are unable to pay their debts even with debt management plans or consumer credit counseling, explains Nationwide Debt Direct. It recognizes that consumers have exhausted all of these options for debt repayment.

The company has relationships with major creditors, debt collectors and lending institutions, allowing it to professionally negotiate on an enrollee's behalf to come up with a debt settlement, according to Nationwide Debt Direct. When a settlement is reached, the creditor usually agrees to cancel part of the debt and accept the portion that is left as full payment. That way it is easier for the consumer to pay the remaining sum, and lenders can cease collection attempts. The Nationwide Debt Direct website claims that with its assistance a consumer can be debt-free in 12 to 36 months.

Its website also offers a debt calculator service. The consumer can enter his unsecured debt amount, interest rate and desired time to pay it off. The calculator then shows what the minimum payments should be for the service versus debt consolidation loans and credit counseling, explains Nationwide Debt Direct.

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